Internal League Rules

League Structure

  1. The League will be divided into Divisions of between 4 to 7 players. Within each Round of the League, each player will play every other player in the Division.
  1. At the end of each Round, the bottom two players in each Division will be relegated and replaced by the top two players from the division below.
  1. In the event of players finishing equal on points, the individual match/matches between the relevant players will be decisive. If this does not produce a winner, then it will be games difference in the relevant matches between the tied players that will be used. If this does not produce a winner, then there will be a one set play-off.
  1. The League will run continuously throughout the year.
  • The initial allocation into Divisions will be determined by the League Co-ordinators.
  • A player may withdraw from the League at the end of any Round.
  • A player may apply for entry to the League at any time. Upon the approval of the League Co-ordinators, the player will commence participation at the beginning of the next Round. The allocation of the player to a Division will be determined by the League Co-ordinators.
  • Failure by a player to complete fixtures may lead to suspension from the League.
  1. The League is open to all Adult members of the Club plus any junior members who are deemed suitable for competition by the club coach.
  • The cost of entry is £3. The winner of each division will be awarded a small prize at prize night held in November.

League Fixtures   

  1. The duration of each Round will be normally 12-16 weeks.
  1. The League Co-ordinators will produce a two-week schedule of matches to be played in that period.
  1. League matches will be arranged on a Sunday, but players are free to rearrange if that does not suit. Matches organised by the League Co-ordinators will have priority over normal court usage but do NOT have priority over external league matches, club play, beginner’s night and any other events organised by the club.
  1. A player can rearrange any game in the schedule with their opponent’s consent, but it must be played by the deadline given by the league co-ordinators at the start of the round. Matches organised this way will NOT have priority over court usage and it would be wise to ensure that a court will be available at that time.
  • A player can cancel a game but must give their opponent one hour’s notice by text/phone/e-mail. The players must rearrange the game themselves before the deadline.
  • In the event of a player not showing up for a match at the scheduled time, the opponent should wait for at least twenty minutes past the scheduled time and if no contact has been made then the game will be conceded as a walkover. If contact has been made within the twenty minutes and the player intends to play but is going to be late then the League Co-ordinators would expect both players to be flexible and the game should be played. However, players that are perpetually late may be penalised by the League Co-ordinators.
  • A game can be cancelled by mutual consent in the event of bad weather.
  • In the event of a dispute between players regarding the playing of a fixture the decision of the League Co-ordinators will be final.
  1. The first player named in any fixture is responsible for supplying the balls for that game and submitting the result to the League Co-ordinators within 48 hours.
  • If a player, for unavoidable reasons, withdraws from the League having two or more matches still to play within a Round, then any matches completed by that player will be declared null and void.

Match Format/Allocation of Points

  1. Matches will be ‘best of three sets’, with each set having a standard tie-break at 6-6. Players can agree before the match begins to play a championship tie-break (first to 10 points) as the final set.
  1.  League points will be allocated as follows:

1 point for fulfilling the fixture

1 point for each set won

1 point for winning the match.

i.e. the winner gets 4 points; the loser gets either 1 or 2 points.

If a player is awarded a ‘walkover’, 4 points are awarded.

A player who fails to fulfil a fixture receives no points.

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