Courts schedule and Availability

Court Availability
• Members have full access to courts at any time subject to age restrictions, match play, club play etc. as detailed later in this section. There is no need to book. When a court is free, you may walk on and play.
• Minors (under 12) are not permitted to use the courts or the clubhouse unless supervised by an adult.
• Minors are not permitted to play after 7 pm.
• Juniors under 16 must give way to Juniors over 16 and to Senior members after 7pm.
• Club premises are unavailable to unaccompanied Juniors and Minors from 7 pm or darkness.
• When courts are busy, and members are waiting to play, those on court should restrict to playing one set.
• Belfast Royal Academy pupils use the 6 polymeric courts from Easter until June, during daytime, for scheduled games periods. The Club Committee will provide further details of exact times through club communication channels.

The club has a weekly schedule see link below

Court Schedule

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